Come Hear Us for Yourself

The Sea Empty are:

Dennis Huston, who plays both electric and acoustic guitar, harmonica, sings about things and stuff, and ponders and writes about world problems.

Rick Nitz, who plays bass, guitar, gets into the groove, sings about things and stuff, and always dances.

Thomas "Teddy" Thornhill, who keeps time with bombastic beats and creative drumming, writes and arranges music, and is a heritage hog farmer during the week.

Dennis Caravello, guitarist extraordinaire!

The Sea Empty is in its infancy, but Dennis, Rick, Teddy and Dennis have all been playing music for many years with other noteworthy bands such as The Statutes of Liberty, Milk At Midnight, Meteorologists, and Traces of Lead. They are all audio engineers and music fanatics, which is what brought them together when the calling came to create music with a futuristic spin to folk/noise rock with a dash of alt-country, a spoonful of retro 80's, and a whole lot of guitar. The Sea Empty have accepted the challenge and are in the driver' s seat with the peddle to the floor!